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The Boutari Company was founded by Ioannis Boutaris in 1879. The beginning of the company was sealed with a great success that was bound to play a legendary role in the history of Greek wine: the launch of “Naoussa Boutari”. A Greek red wine that was one of the first to appear in a bottle in in the early stages of the Greek wine market and which, for this reason, was a very bold project.

Today, approaching 130 years of history in wine, the Boutari Company represents one of the main Greek companies with important export activity in over 35 countries and with an international orientation in the wine business, thus leading the establishment of Greek wine internationally.

The wide range of its products -over 40 different labels in total- covers a large spectrum of needs of the increasingly demanding consumer of today, while the 270 distinctions, over the past years, in the most important and established international wine competitions, certify the remarkable work by the Boutari team of oenologists and the consistent emphasis on quality.

In 2005, the brand “Boutari” was the only wine brand that was awarded the title of Superbrand as the most recognizable brand in the Greek wine market. In 2007 the Boutari Company was also awarded as the “International Winery of the Year” for the 11th time from the magazine “Wine & spirits” , thus now ranking among the top 10 wineries in the world historically with a distinction for so many years for the high quality and particular character of its wines.

One of the most important aspects in the company's course towards the future are its privately owned wineries and vineyards throughout Greece and Europe. The Boutari company owns 6 wineries in Greece that are situated in the most important wine-making regions, the Appelation of Origin of High Quality Wines (AOC), Naoussa, Goumenissa, Crete, Santorini, Mantinia and also Attica. The company's seventh winery is located in Southern France, near the city of Limoux and within the greater wine region of Languedoc.

Through the wineries, the Boutari company played a crucial role in the preservation of viticulture in Greece, therefore, leading the evolution on wine to what it is today in Greece and at a global level.  The company inspired and supported viticulture in important areas and has been a school of thought.

The Boutari Company,  through these wineries, has the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge into the potential and the special characteristics of each region, by working with indigenous Greek but also with international grape varieties. The company constantly searches for new tastes and products to satisfy the consumers' needs, introducing the “Boutari Experimental Wines” and it is among the few that invests heavily in the ageing of the wines in order to discover the potential and the evolution of each grape variety over time. As a result of the above, the company creates products of excellent quality, that are characteristic examples of each region and of its grape varieties.

Through the Boutari Wineries, each region and its varieties have been distinguished with products that have “established” new categories  such as: “Naoussa Boutari”, Moschofilero Boutari”, “Santorini Boutari”, “Kritikos Boutari”, “Goumenissa”.

…and because all nice things should be shared…we have opened our wineries to all the people who want to experience “our world”, the world of Boutari Wineries.
Each winery has its own distinct personality, influenced by the products that it produces but also by the “atmosphere” of the particular region within which it is located. The Boutari wineries have been created in order to develop the Greek vineyard, but also in order to play an important role in the cultural and socioeconomic development of their respective regions. Apart from being landmarks in the evolution of wine, the Boutari wineries add an aesthetic touch to the land that hosts them and offer a remarkable experience to more than 50,000 visitors every year.

Through organized tours, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the art of wine-making but also to taste the local cuisine paired with local wine. Visitors can purchase wines, books and various wine accessories from the Wine Boutique. The tour also includes a viewing of a breathtaking multimedia show that will walk the visitors through a journey in time, space and the history of each region, having the wine as a quiet protagonist.

The Boutari Wineries are much more than areas where wine is produced, they are destinations which bring you closer to the Greek culture and quality, they introduce you to the region in which they are situated, they are an experience worth living.

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