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"The certification of the Boutari company, alongside the requirements of standards ELOT EN ISO 9001 and IFS AUDIT, guarantees consumers the design, production and distribution of high quality products which are safe and healthy." Panagiotis Dimitriou, Technical Manager & Quality Manager.

Quality, as the Boutari company sees it, means faithfully abiding by the rules which have been put into place by Greek and international legislation, as well as, naturally, satisfying the end consumer. The current state of affairs shows that there is an international trend for increasing quality requirements, so that continuous quality improvement will become a key factor in the viability of businesses.

Boutari’s Technical Department, aiming to constantly increase the quality of the company's products, and accepting the need to evaluate the results of this continuous attempt by using objective indicators, decided to apply a Quality System, which covers all the production activities of the company. This Quality System is a powerful tool which helps prevent mistakes and increase productivity,

This System incorporates both Greek winemaking tradition and the company’s long-term experience, and encompasses all the contemporary methods of ensuring quality. It was first implemented at the Stenimachos plant and was certified for its conformity to all the requirements of standard ISO 9002 by the Greek Standards Organisation (ELOT) on 22 November 1993. The Boutari company was the first winery in Greece, and the third in Europe, to gain the Certification of Conformity for a Quality Assurance System according to ISO 9002. The certification of the Quality System was successfully renewed in November 1996.
After the company announced it had achieved the Certification of Conformity for a Quality Assurance System according to ISO 9002, the first responses from customers, especially from abroad, was particularly encouraging for improving the company's competitiveness in the export sector.

The next step was to improve the Quality Assurance System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, so as to cover all the company's activities. The ELOT evaluation review took place with great success in November 1999, when the company was awarded the Certification of Conformity for a Quality System (No. 02.03.01/017) in accordance with the requirements of ELOT standard EN ISO 9001, which covers all activities relating to "Design and production of bottled wines (wine-making and bottling)". In April 2003 it was awarded, yet again, a Devotion to Quality certification according to ELOT EN ISO 9001 (issued in 2000) which covered all of the company's activities, including all aspects of trade.

In 1997, following the rules of the time for ensuring the health and safety of its products, the company proceeded to develop and apply an HACCP system. For the last four years, the production process has been certified by its compliance with the requirements of IFS Audit (at the highest level), which focuses on full assurance for the consumer as regards quality, safety and the healthiness of the product.

The applied Quality Management System is dynamic, rather than static. Every worker, making use of the training he has been given and the means made available to him, must uphold the system’s procedures and contribute to its constant consolidation and improvement. The system, which covers all the company’s activities – from product design and production scheduling to testing the final product, and even extends to suppliers, customers and associates – ensures the products are produced in accordance with the specifications in place, and provides support for developing and carrying out these processes. This continual effort and training achieves:
  • Continuous improvement of products;
  • Continuous improvement of working conditions and greater contribution from staff;
  • Continuous improvement of the company's image in the market;
  • Cost minimisation, strengthening the company's position in harsh competitive conditions.

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