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The Research and Development department of the Boutari company was created to ensure that the company produces competitive products with common relative advantages, as well as establishing procedures which protect both the environment and humanity. The department’s work and activities are of great significance, not just for the Boutari company itself, but also for all Greek wine-producers, as they are opening up new paths for Greek participants in the world of wine.


The main goals of the Research and Development department are the following:
  •  To ensure high quality and value for all company products;
  •  To create new products which are characterised by distinctiveness, natural differentiation, consistency of quality, an excellent price-quality relationship and are safe for consumption;
  • To generate innovative improvements which ensure high performance from the company's privately-owned vineyards. Also, to make these improvements available to their vineyard associates, contributing to the viability and competitiveness of Greek grape cultivation by respecting the environment. 
  • To generate a high level of technical knowledge for wine-making processes and to ensure quality.  
  • To evaluate and gain recognition for Greek grape varieties (like Xinomavro, Agioritiko, Moschofilero and Asyrtiko) as well as international varieties which are cultivated in Greece (like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc).


  • Assessment and selection of the environment around vineyards.
  • Study and monitoring of irrigation requirements to increase the quality and quantity of vineyards’ performance.
  • Technologies for remote-sensing, as well as ways to incorporate these into holistic management systems.
  • Holistic management systems with an emphasis on technologies with low input, and performance predictions and monitoring.
  • The relationship between the grape and the wine yielded.


With its long history, Boutari’s Research & Development department has won recognition as the leading department in its sector in Greece. It is staffed by acclaimed scientists and provides a high level of research.
Head of the department is Doctor Yannis Voyiatzis, one of the leading oenologists in Greece. Dimitris Taskos, an agriculturist-oenologist with post-graduate degrees in oenology and viticulture, supervises oenological and viticultural research.
The members of the research team are active in the most important viticultural areas in Greece:
Doctor Yannis Voyiatzis, Oenologist, Head of Oenology and Viticulture Department
Doctor Panagiotis Dimitriou, Technical Manager,
Associate Doctor Dimitris Taskos, Head of Viticulture Research.
Naoussa Estate           
Makis Evfraimidis, Head of Winery    
Toula Tazoglidou, Agriculturalist       
Vassilis Georgiou, Oenologist            
Crete Estate
Yannis Konstantakis, Viticulturalist  
Vivi Papaspyrou, Oenologist
Santorini Estate          
Petros Vamvakousis, Agriculturalist, Head of Winery
Ioanna Vanvakouri, Oenologist
Tripoli Estate   
Paraskevas Evangeliou, Agriculturalist, Head of Winery         
Alexandros Tzachristas, Oenologist
Tania Moutsiou, Agriculturalist
Matsa Estate
Roxani Matsa, Viticulturalist
Domaine de Mayrac (France)
Vives Laurent, Agriculturalist-Oenologist, Head of Winery


The most significant results of the activities of the Boutari Research and Development Department are:
  • The installation of high specification privately-owned vineyards in regions of Greece and France, where the management of these is based on the knowledge and advancements of the R&D department.
  • The department's guidance is important for developing Greek viticulture and oenology, with the extensive distribution of the results of its research activities.
  • The achievement and guarantee of high quality, as well as the Boutari company's certification of confirmation, in accordance with the standards of ELOT ΕΝ ISO 9001 and ISO 9002, HASP and IFS. 
  • The production of high quality wines from the privately-owned estates of the company, which include: Boutari Estate in Filyria, Boutari Estate in Selladia, Fantaxometocho Estate, Boutari Estate in Skalani, 4 Seasons in Mantineia, as well as the successful range of Greek wine varieties: Moschofilero Boutari, Agioritico Boutari, Xinomavro Reserve Boutari and Asyrtiko Boutari.


The following research programmes have been achieved, or are still ongoing, from 1991 onwards (official titles):
  • Applications for the management of vineyards with the use of stable isotopes 15N and 13C in combination with visual remote-sensing: Collaboration with the GAIA Research Centre of the Goulandri Museum of Natural History. This programme is ongoing.
  • A new approach to technical irrigation for optimising the production system within the context of the programme "Joint research and technological development ventures in sectors of national priority". Associates: the University of Ioannina, TEI Crete, NAGREF (Greek National Agricultural Research Foundation) and the company Plastika Kritis. Funding amounting to €1,011,717.
  • Applications for visual remote-sensing for vineyard management: The use of multispectral detectors. This programme is in collaboration with the GAIA Research Centre of the Goulandri Museum of Natural History, NAGREF and the Central Directorate of Agricultural Research of the United States Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Optimising vineyard management for a more appropriate approach to cultivation as part of the programme "International cooperation in industrial research and development activities at a precompetitive stage". Associates: Gerovasileiou Estate, the University of Ioannina and the GermanUniversity of Geisenheim. Funding amounting to €291,200.
  • "Improvement of Wine Products in the V.Q.P.R.D category" study as part of EPET I (Operational Programme for Research and Technology). In collaboration with the NAGREF Wine Institute. 
  • "Creation of standardised training material for viticulture employees in the production, trade and distribution of wines" in the context of the FORCE programme, in collaboration with the Universite du Vin in France.
  • "Identification and oenological evaluation of yeast and milk bacteria in Greek V.Q.P.R.D. areas", in collaboration with the NAGREF Wine Institute.
  • "Improvement of Wine Products in the V.Q.P.R.D category" study as part of EPET I. In collaboration with the NAGREF Wine Institute, the NAGREF Institute of Plant Protection in Volos, and VITRO HELLAS S.A.

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