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  • Variety: Vilana and other indigenous white varieties from the island (Thrapsathiri, Plyto, Dafni) Type: White, dry Winery / Region: Crete Winery, Crete


    Kretikos Boutari is the first wine that succeeded outside the borders of the island and promoted the potential of the local white varieties and generally of the Cretan vineyards. A fruity wine that is an ideal choice for your daily meal.

  • Variety: Kotsifali & Μantilaria Type: Red, dry Winery / Region: Crete Winery, Crete


    The harmonious blending of two primary indigenous red varieties of Crete produced a wine that has laid the foundations for further international promotion of Cretan wine. An easy-to-drink red wine, an ideal suggestion for ones daily meal..

  • Variety: 100% Liatiko Type: Red, sweet Winery / Region: Crete Winery, Crete


    BOUTARIThe red indigenous variety "liatiko" is mainly found in Crete and dates back to ancient times. It probably owes its name to its early ripening, since it matures in July – the 7th (VII) month of the year. It offers dry wines, with a high alcoholic content and strong red colour, but also sweet, sun-dried wines with a rich aroma and full taste. "Iouliatiko" borrowed its name from the earlier appellation of this variety.

  • Variety: Strict selection of grapes from the international variety Syrah Type: Red, dry Winery / Region: Naoussa Winery, Imathia


    A variety planted in the region of Naoussa on an experimental basis during the 90s, in order to evaluate its adaptability to that particular microclimate. It has proven that when managed properly, it can produce spectacular results, in combination with the latest vinification techniques.

  • Variety: 100% Moschofilero Type: White, dry Winery / Region: Mantinia Winery, Peloponnese


    “OROPEDIO” meaning “High Plateau” in Greek is a wine underlining the ultimate expression of the indigenous Moschofilero variety. Grown at an altitude of 650m in the region of Mantinia, centre of the Peloponnese, in southern Greece. The grapes are protected by the mountains that surround the “plateau” which allows for the development of their precious aromas. Hand-picking of the grapes and manual sorting upon delivery, preserve the quality of the wine while its short stay in oak barrels gives it its finesse. 

  • Variety: Chardonnay,Malvasia Aromatica & Vilana Type: White, dry Winery / Region: Crete Winery, Crete


    This special blend promises to offer an explosion of aromas. Following various experimentations with the blend, Malvasia Aromatica harmoniously combined with the cosmopolitan Chardonnay and the fruity Vilana, offers a truly unique result.

  • Variety: 100% Xinomavro Type: Red, dry Winery / Region: Naoussa Winery, Naoussa


    A modern wine that ages well, thus fulfilling the conditions of a “selected” wine – a term that perfectly expresses the multi-dynamic local variety and ideally complements the Xinomavro family.

  • Variety: 50% Xinomavro & 50% Negoska, organically-grown Type: Red, dry Winery / Region: Goumenissa Winery, Goumenissa


    Filiria, an organic wine with a complex character, is one of the top-ranking wines of the company and is produced at the privately-owned Boutari vineyard in Goumenissa, the Filiria region. Maximum exploitation of the terroir and proper management of the vineyard have resulted in top quality raw material and consequently, a high quality product.

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