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Old Vintages

Being able to offer old vintages to consumers, requires many years of experience in wine production, the right equipment and facilities and, of course, qualified scientific personnel; a unique privilege for a Company which has served continuously Greek wine and has pioneered in wine proceedings for the past 130 years.

Boutari Winery’s decision to invest in the aging of wines represented a unique challenge, since it would allow the company to study in-depth, the secrets of the of the wines produced from Greek vineyards. Today, in the cellars of the Boutari Winery located in Stenymachos-Naoussa, one can discover and explore a large part of the company’s history, as well as a great part of contemporary Greek wine history; a treasure that adds up to 130.000 old vintage bottles. One can find bottles dating back to 1930, as well as rare red wines from exceptional vintages (1968, 1974, 1990, 1994) and unique aged white wines, which have evolved over time.
In reference to old wine vintages, it is worth mentioning that aging helps improve the quality characteristics of the wines. However not all wines are suitable for aging and the ability of a wine to age differs from vintage to vintage. Choosing which wines are suitable for aging and the appropriate time that each wine will have to stay and mature in a barrel and, for further maturation, in a bottle, is determined upon analysis and wine tastings made by oenologists at regular intervals.

The control of a wine that matures in a bottle determines whether it has already reached its peak quality characteristics, or whether it is still at a stage that will further evolve or if it has already outgrown its potential life cycle. Furthermore, a series of necessary measures are conducted, such as the replacement of corks, in order to keep the characteristics of the wine intact. Important elements for a wine to develop to its maximum potential are the conditions of its storage and aging. Old vintage wines are kept separately, in a specially designed area of the Naoussa winery, which offers the ideal conditions for their smooth and optimum aging.
One can buy certain old wine vintages, as the ones mentioned below, either from the Boutari wine vaults or from the Wine Boutique in Naoussa Winery.

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Old Vintages
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