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New packaging for Kretikos Boutari

Kretikos Boutari White and Kretikos Boutari Red now come in a new innovative packaging that does not require a screw cap for opening. 

The new screw cap is based on the widely known Stelvin technology which allows for 100% airtight closure and therefore complete absence of oxygen in contact with the wine. The Kretikos range of wines are vinified with a target style to produce easy to drink, fresh and clean wines which makes them the perfect candidate for this type of closure. 
Some of the many benefits of the Stelvin screw cap include: 
 Complete absence of cork taint (TCA)
 Consistency of one bottle to another (no differentiation whatsoever)
 Preservation of aroma, flavor and freshness
 Easy to open and close without the use of a corkscrew
 Ageing in bottle made under a complete reductive environment

Moreover, Kretikos comes in a new elegant bottle and is dressed with a new label indicating the Cretan varieties. The transition to a new thinner and taller bottle creates a product more elegant and more premium while the new label has the Cretan indigenous varieties written, something that enhances the locality of the wine itself. Vilana variety for the white wine gives a fruity wine, bright with intense aroma. It is ideally combined with salads, fish dishes and white dishes like grilled chicken fillet. Kotsifali and Mandilaria for the red wine give a fruity wine with soft tannins. It is ideally combined with red meat and pasta dishes.

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