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8th km. Tripoli - Pyrgos, Milia Tripoli A.C. 221 00 Tel: +30 2710 411477  Fax  : +30 2710 411777 
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Our vineyard in Mantinia is located in Milia, 8 km from Tripoli. It is one of the oldest organized vineyards of the area and its presence has aided in saving and developing winemaking in the PDO area of Mantineia.

The relationship of Mantinia to viticulture is as old as its history: this is confirmed by the archaeological findings in the area and by the "grapevine of Pausanias", possibly the oldest vine in the world. In this area Boutari established and expanded its presence in the region in 1991, through the legendary Camba’s winery that has been integrated in the Boutari family wineries.

Similarly to other major viticultural region of Greece, the contribution of the Boutari in this region has also been of crucial importance. Boutari preserved from extinction one of the primary Greek white varieties, Moschofilero, which is used to produce the PDO Mantinia wine, thus highlighting its potential and making it known to the world.

varieties & terroir

At an altitude of 650 meters, we find the local Boutari vineyard, covering an area of 31 hectares. The largest area is covered by the indigenous variety Moschofilero. Other cultivated varieties are Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay and other Greek and international varieties that are under experimentation.

The vineyard is 25-30 years old with a dry soil. A large area of the vineyard consists of eastern-facing gravel slopes, which ensures exceptional maturity and premium quality raw materials. The soils are clay and marl, with good drainage. The climate of the region is characterized as continental with cold winters and hot summers.

Selected vineyards are also cultivated in an equally important PDO region of Peloponnese, Nemea. In the region of Leondio and Ancient Nemea, we find Agiorgitiko, the noblest of Greek red varieties. Boutari closely collaborates with local vine-growers with long-term contracts that ensure control and a close relationship with the region and the production of exceptional, high-quality wines. In Douramani, there is a small privately-owned vineyard of 1.4 hectares, where experimental wines are produced in limited quantities.